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Here at Harrison Security

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The services
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Manned Guarding

As a strong visual deterrent, security guarding is still one of the most proven measure to ensure the safety of your premises.
Whether you need dedicated gatehouse security for an industrial facility, or professionals to control access to a premises, our unbeatable guards will take care of your concerns. Their dual role capabilities, including risk assessments and safety checks, means we can tailor our solutions to your needs.
With so much more than a straightforward security presence and recurrent patrol, Harrison Security officers take an active specialised approach , so you get the results you expect.


Mobile & Static Patrols

At Harrision Security, we know that visibility is vital, so trust us to provide fully uniformed mobile guards and marked patrol vehicles, as well as highly visible boards at entrance and exit points (if wanted).
Acting as a strong visual deterrent against would-be intruders and criminals, our patrols vastly decrease the chance of crime such as intrusion, vandalism and theft taking place. Our security staff are trained to respond to a range of security situations, so if any mistrustful or criminal activity does occur you can be sure of a rapid and effective response.


CCTV Monitoring

With a state-of-the-art CCTV facility monitoring your premises 24 hours a day with Harrison Security, you have peace of mind that any criminal incidents will be confronted swiftly and effectively. Our control room staff can speak over a tannoy system and dispatch one of our rapid mobile drivers to the incident.


Rapid Response

Once installed, our CCTV systems can be used as a platform to launch an effective rapid response solution, allowing officers monitoring your site to deploy a team of first response officers or immediately contact the police, should an incident occur.



One of our security professionals can hold an extra set of keys, so they're able to respond to any security problems that may occur.


Access Control

We can fit and manage access controls for your premises, such as door entry systems, barriers and more.